Association of Finnish Foreign Affairs Journalists

Association of Finnish Foreign Affairs Journalists is an organization aiming to assist and promote reporters of foreign affairs in their work. The association is meant to increase the professional possibilities of the reporters and intensify dialogue between journalists and essential actors and organization in the field of foreign issues. The association of Finnish Foreign Affairs Journalists organizes on regular basis different kinds of meetings and conversational events. The association aims to organize trips abroad at least once a year.

How to join

Membership of the association can be granted to a journalist or a student who covers foreign affairs. You don’t need to be a member of the Union of Journalists in Finland (Suomen Journalistiliitto).

Decisions of memberships are made by the association board. We will personally contact the applicants.

If you are interested to be a member, please contact us and write briefly why you are interested about the association. As a member of the association you can participate in our events. You can send your application to ulkomaantoimittajat@gmail.com

We have an active board and we organize monthly events and visits to embassies and also trips abroad.

Membership fee

When joining the association, a member accepts to pay an annual membership fee and a single payment for joining. The annual membership fee is 25 euros (also for students!). You will not get an seperate invoice, we will remind you about the payment in January.

A member that has not paid the annual membership fee for two yers, can lose the membership by a desicion of the board. The association’s bank account is FI49 8146 9710 1754 97.

Members of honour

The association can grant a membership of honour to a person, that has worked as foreign reporter for a long time with significant achievements. A member of honour does not have annual payment requirements.